Friday, September 28, 2007

Top Chef 4 Sightings & House Location (Potentially) Revealed!

The throngs of past-and-present Season 3 contestants & judges have yet to arrive for next week's Top Chef 3 Finale in Chicago, but there's been SEVERAL reported sighting of other Top-Chefers, confirming the fact that filming is definitely underway in Chicago.

Last week (Sept 21), former contestants Marcel, Sandi, Josie, and Tiffani were spotted in full TV makeup enjoying lunch at Frontera Grill. On Monday, guest judge Eric Ripert was seen in Streeterville, while Tom Collichio was seen lunching at Blackbird (thanks to commenters on The Stew!).

And just YESTERDAY, the whole Top Chef 4 Crew was spotted tearing around the Whole Foods on Halsted & Waveland, presumably shopping for yesterday's challenge. Perhaps it's this season's Fresh Market? I would have thought they would go for Fox & Obel, but Whole Foods is fine with me! Also, probably means the TC4 Kitchen is somewhere nearby...

Finally, the alleged location of the Top Chef 4 house in Chicago has been uncovered... it's somewhere in Roscoe Village. Apparently there used to be Christmas decorations in the front, which have since been removed.

That's all the scoop I've got for now... until next time, eyes peeled!

UPDATE: my anonymous commenter tells me the TC4 house is not in Roscoe Village... also read in another source that it may be around Ashland & Wrightwood. No confirmation yet...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint but the TC4 contestants are definitely not staying in Roscoe Village.