Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Top Chef 3's Chicago Finale Draws Nearer; Still No Word on Location

The Stew, the Chicago Tribune's food blog, posted a new report Friday about Season 3's Finale (set to be broadcast LIVE in Chicago on Oct 3) and relayed their futile attempt to gain more information on Season 4. Bravo is predictably remaining tight-lipped about the location of Oct 3's finale, and any of the details of Season 4, although the article does note that "Season 4 will film over the next eight weeks or so... kitchens are being prepared, a house for the chefs is being readied".

I'm guessing maybe they're doing up a place in Wicker Park? Perhaps a nice three-story walkup?

And as for the location of the Chicago Top Chef Kitchen: I heard from one source that it might be the Illinois Institute of Art Culinary Center, downtown in the Loop... however, upon closer inspection today, I found the place to be empty, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. A sign on the door said it was closed for a "test", and that it would re-open on Oct 11. Seems too soon, considering that TC is set to film in Chicago until November. My two other guesses are that the kitchen will be at the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, or the Calphalon Culinary Center in Chicago.

That's all I got for now. Keeping my eyes open...


ArtfulSub said...

Keep up the spying and maybe you'll get some pics! I'm dead-sure the Art Institute will be USED for TC Season 4.

Not sure if it will be "home-base".

Isn't McDonald's Corporation's "Hamburger University" in Chicago?

third coast toast said...


yeah, "Hamburger U." is in Oak Brook, a Chicago suburb. Good idea...

And... I will definitely keep my eye on the Ill. Inst of Art! I've got a lead that may be able to feed me some more "covert" info, but if you hear anything else let me know!