Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Hello, Summertime

Well... it's been a while. In the time beween my last post and now a lot has happened... I've moved apartments, I've lost four (yes four) bosses at work and gained two new ones, I've been to Canada (and back), and summer has bloomed.

I've also had some tasty eats, of course. Here are my highlights from the past month:

1) Summer means grilling, and I've busted out the Barbie (pet name for my little weber) a few times already since the weather turned warm. Here are my favorites so far this summer:

- Grilled balsamic-marinated asparagus

- Grilled corn on the cob (keep the husk on, and soak it in cold water for at least 20-30 min before you grill it. peel the husk off and enjoy!)

- Grilled marinated chicken breasts (simple and delicious)

- Grilled Portabello - tomato - mozzerella napoleons

- Hot dogs. Yum.
Here's a lovely summer salad, that I made to go with...
... This lovely grilled chicken, asparagus, and corn!

2) Mmm... Meat.
I enjoyed probably the fanciest meal of my life several weeks ago when I got to go to David Burke's Primehouse (in the St. James Hotel) on the company dime. We had clients in town and well... I guess we wanted to show them a good time. Yessss. I had the Classic Filet Mignon "Oscar" style (meaning it was topped with crabmeat, asparagus, and garlic hollandaise). AMAAAZING!

I also enjoyed a tasty cut of beef last month at Las Tablas, a charming Colombian restaurant on N. Lincoln in West Lakeview. I think I had the "Bandeja Paisa": a NY strip steak with a lot of sides, including cornbread, a plantain, an egg, and some other weird fruits-or-vegetables. Here's a shot of my plate:

3) New & Old Neighborhood Eats

Tilli's is a lovely little spot just down the street from my new apartment. Amy, Leanne and I went there for a late lunch after moving me into the new place. It's a georgeous restaurant, especially when they have the patio open on a sunny day... but the food was a little overpriced and sub-par. All the flavors of our food were slightly off and a little too intense (we couldn't tell if it was a sour citrus taste or over-salting... probably a combination of both). However, despite that, we managed to thoroughly enjoy our lunch. Here are some pictures:

John's Place is right up the street from my old apartment, and right next door to my fave Chicago cupcake joint, Sweet Mandy B's. Laurel and I stopped in to John's Place on the way to the movies on Webster a few weeks ago.

Laurel had a pesto fish dish:And I had my fave standby: Grilled Chicken Sandwich with SWEET POTATO FRIES!!!

4) Amy and Lisa go to Beerfest on Navy Pier
Mmmmm... beer. So many different kinds of beer. So many different kinds of delicious.

5) Minnie's

And finally... me and the girls grabbed a bite to eat recently at this Armitage & Halsted spot, that serves mini gourmet sandwiches and burgers and is SO CUTE!!

And there's the recap for ya, folks. I promise I'll be more dilligent about updating this summer, cause I'm sure there are many more good eats / cooks / drinks to come!!

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Kate said...

OMG My aunt is like, OBSESSED with Tillys. I think she eats there like 3 times a week. I don't really like it that much, yet I'm always forced to eat there. Once, I ate there twice in one day. It was not okay. I'm coming to Chicago in TWO days. We are getting together, but not at Tillys!