Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dollar Burgers

You can tell a lot about a restaurant by the price of a burger. The burger is the classic American lunch / dinner food: you can dress it up, you can dress it down, but overall, it's a very helpful standard by which to compare restaurants, especially price-wise.

That is, unless, it's dollar burger night.

Dollar burger night is a welcome phenomenon that seems to have swept across the breadth of Chicago's eateries. The way it works is that on a given night of the week-- usually Monday or Tuesday (but I've heard that if you do the research you can find one for every night of the week)-- the restaurant (usually a bar & grill or lounge) will offer their standard burger for a mere $1-$2. Burger toppers & fries often cost extra, and most deals require you to purchase a beverage, but hey, it certainly beats the $8-$12 most of these places charge for a burger on a normal night.

I had the $2 burger at Matisse Bar & Grill (on Diversey & Clark) last night... which came with sweet potato fries-- excellent! Service was a little off (our waitress asked us if we needed new beers just about every two minutes), but the food came promptly and tasted good, so I give the place a thumbs up.

Here are some other good places that you can get dollar burgers around the city:

3418 N. Southport
$2 burger with fries on Mondays

Gaslight Bar & Grill
2426 N. Racine
$2 burgers on Mondays

Grand Central
950 W. Wrightwood
$2 burgers on Mondays

The Dark Horse Tap & Grille
3343 N. Sheffield
$1 burgers on Mondays

1950 W. North Ave
$2 burgers on Mondays

Citizen Bar
364 W. Erie
$3 Citizen burgers on Mondays

1935 N. Damen
$2 burgers on Tuesdays

$1 hot dogs, $2 burgers, $3 chicken sandwiches on Thursdays

Anyone know of a good dollar burger deal I left off the list? Let me know!


soo said...

you haven't had a post in a while! i need my monthly food info...im a hostess now as you know. the other day when i was training i got to get anything i wanted and i got a tuna steak it was AMAZING. you should look into sweet potato fries, they are really big here in burlington, and there really good

Anonymous said...

Great writing about all of the really fun things to do in such a fabulous city!! Love the food commentary....inspires me to cook new things in NH. Can't wait to be there in October!!


Anonymous said...

Hops and Barley, at 4359 N Milwaukee, $1 on mondays
O'Donovan's Pub & Restaurant, at 2100 w irving park, $2 burgers on mondays
Lion head pub, at 2251 lincoln ave, $2 burgers/sandwiches on tuesdays
Big Chicks, at 5024 N Sheridan Rd, free BBQ on Sunday and Dollar Burgers on Mondays
Duffy's Tavern, at 422 W Diversey Pkwy, dollar burgers on tuesdays
bar louie, at 5500 s shore dr, $2 burgers on tuesdays
McGee's, 950 w webster, 10 cent wing Tuesday or dollar burger Wednesday