Friday, January 25, 2008

Top Chef Chicago to Primere March 12!

This past Wednesday, Bravo announced that the new season of Top Chef, filmed in Chicago, will primere at 10/9C on Wednesday, March 12, 2008. Yippeee!! Bravo also rolled out their full ad campaign for the show this Wednesday, running promos featuring the judges and the new contestants during the evening's new episode of Project Runway (which I am LOVING this season, btdubs - yeah Christian!). Bravo has also revealed the names, pictures and profiles of all of this season's Top Chef contestants, which can be viewed on Chicago's Valarie and Stephanie are in there, as was expected... there is a NEW Dale, from Chicago (but Asian)... and there is no indication of anyone who's friends with Marcel or Hung. Yet. It's a hot new crop of chefs, though, and as Bravo's ad campaign goes... I can't wait to LET THE FLAMES BEGIN!

Click on the "Adventures in Top Chef" link on the right to learn more about the Chicago challenges, guest judges, and locations you can expect to see on the upcoming season!

Also, I promise a big, huge update / roundup soon. I've been a blog delinquent! But I'll be back...

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