Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two TC4 Contestants Revealed!

Two Chicago chefs competing in the fourth season of Top Chef in Chicago have been revealed... and both are women!

Time Out Chicago reports this week that Stephanie Izard, who has cooked at Vong's as well as her own Scylla (recently closed), and Val Bolton, who has cooked at Spring and HotChocolate, are currently battling it out for Top Chef glory in the windy city. After two women chefs have made it to the finals, wouldn't it be great if one could actually WIN this season? The best of luck to both of them!

In other news, I thoroughly enjoyed the Top Chef 3 Reunion Show last evening. It was great to see everyone hanging out and reminiscing on what I think has been the best season yet. CJ really is hilarious... I appreciated his sarcasm and witty commentary this season. The Howie / Joey "Love Connection" bit was pretty funny too... and I LOVED Dale's feature... especially the fact that after it ran, he said "I've always wanted a montage!" Well Dale, that makes two of us. Ha!

I've said it before, but I'll say it again that I think it's SO great that the chefs all seemed to get along this season. I really prefer that to the drama and immaturity that contestants displayed on season 2. I'm a little ashamed to say it, but I was kind of sad when the show came to an end tonight. I was more invested in the people this season than before, and I guess it's just kind of sad that it's all over! Well, Top Chef will be back in a few months with a whole NEW crop of people, so I'm interested to see what that turns up. I'm thinking that, considering filming will wrap in Chicago by Christmas, the new show will be on around March.... right after Project Runway wraps. We shall see!

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Madison330 said...

I would LOVE to know if any more contestant names are revealed! I have a friend who I really think is a contestant, but he won't say!
Also, if anyone's interested, the contestants are all living in a house together, as usual. This season's house is on N. Paulina, just south of Diversey, on the east side of the street. They had Christmas decorations up for a while so they could do some outdoor filming and when I've driven by, I've seen production vans and people milling around wearing microphone packs. Exciting!