Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top Chef Weekend Antics

The Top Chef 4 crew was out and about Chicago this weekend, making their regular run to the Halsted Whole Foods and cooking up some tailgating fare for Bears fans at the game on Sunday.

Meghan has got what may be the first pictures of the season four cheftestants, which she's posted on her blog. Before a Bravo minion called her off, she snapped a few shots as the chefs shopped at the Halsted Whole Foods on Saturday. There are still a whole bunch of chefs left, judging for the pictures. Thanks Meghan for the good detective work!

And as it turns out, the chefs were likely shopping for an elimination challenge that would take place the very next day, at none other than the Bears game! Weber (the grill company) seems to have sponsored this one, as it was a tailgate food battle at the Weber Tailgate Party, pre-Bears game on Sunday. GREAT Chicago-centric challenge. And as I recall, there was also a Weber grilling challenge in season 3. Yum. The news of the Weber tailgate challenge comes from a commenter on The Stew, who reports that her son, an aspiring 13-year-old chef, attended the tailgate and was starstruck upon seeing Padma, Tom, and the like. Makes me think of the little kid in Ugly Betty! Awww. Too bad the Bears didn't win though. ALMOST!

Finally, it seems that one of the season four cheftestants is named Dylan... and that he's surreptitiously... or maybe not... trying to let the world know. Check out this comment on The Stew:

Hmmm... very suspicious. Well, that's all the update I've got for now folks. If you've got any leads or ideas, forward them my way!!

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Anonymous said...

There's been TV crew trucks parked all week on Dearborn between Adams and Monroe. Does anyone know why ? It was announced that a TV Show pilot would be in the lobby at 131 S. Dearborn Sat. AM, I am suspicious that maybe it's Top Chef being filmed in the Citadel building as they have a fully stocked kitchen in the building. Can anyone tell me I am wrong and know for sure what tv show the trucks are affiliated with ?