Monday, October 1, 2007

Countdown to Wednesday & More TC4 Tidbits

I can't believe there are only TWO days left until the finale of Top Chef Three! I have to admit I'm not the kind of person who usually gets excited about TV shows, or celebrities... or celebrity chefs... but now that Top Chef has all it's Chicago connections, I can't help myself from wanting to get in on the action in my own town.

No reported sightings of TC3 Finale participants or festivites YET, but there are a few more TC4 sightings to report!

Yesterday morning, the Top Chefs were again spotted filming at the Whole Foods on Waveland & Halsted. The Stew and several LTHers reported sightings. Apparently when they are filming, there are signs on the door that inform normal customers that by entering the store they consent to being filmed. The signs also don't identify the show that is being filmed, but say "Magical Elves - TC 4" -- this pseudonym was also reported by observers of filming at Saturday's Green City Market. Something else to keep an eye out for! Eye witnesses reported that 12-15 contestants in tan chef's jackets (a new thing for season 4?) were running around the store and buying copious amounts of vegetables -- including the store's entire stock of fresh fennel. Perhaps it's a challenge at Green Zebra? One observer overheard a chef saying they had a budget of $200, and that the food needed to keep until Tuesday. Maybe they are cooking for the contestants of TC3? All possibilities...

Still without a sighting of my own, I took a little drive around the Ashland & Wrightwood area last night on my way to a BBQ, only to find... no sign of filming or the chef's customary transport, RAV4s. Thus, the location of the TC4 house still remains a mystery.

Hopefully next time, I will have some TC3 finale dish to share...

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ArtfulSub said...

Keep up the fine detective work! My Chicago source (mugsy malone) suggests you spy on something called the "Palmer House Hilton".

He's heard rumors. And reports that it is near the Art Institute and has some sort of Historical Significance.

And we know how much Bravo loves product-placement ads. Maybe they'll get Paris Hilton to be a Guest Judge?

"That's so HOT!"

"That's like, so not HOT!"

Hell, she can't be worse than some of Season Three's judges.