Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rebels of the Sacred Heart

... otherwise known as, St. Patrick's Day 2007. Name lovingly stolen from an epic picture album by Amy Rushlow from the same holiday.

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite days of the year, for a few reasons. First, I'm third generation Irish on my Mom's side (the O'Malley's)-- my great grandparents came over to America during the Potato Famine. So I have some legit Irish roots to celebrate. Second, it's the day before my sister Susie's birthday, which has always been a good time. And third, what's not to love about a holiday that celebrates the best of Irish culture: food, music, and beer? Not much!

This year, St. Patrick's Day landed on a Saturday, and the group of us decided to make the best of this welcome occasion by celebrating in style throughout the day.

The day started at roughly 9am with lovely "Irish Coffees" (basically Starbucks spiced up with a healthy dollop of Baileys. Goes VERY nicely with a Soy Caramel Macciatto!).

[picture coming soon!]

The day continued with some traditional and not-so-traditional food, drink, and festivities at The Emerald Loop - a lovely, if generic, Irish "pub" / restaurant on Wabash & Wacker.

Green beer: Not traditional. But tasty. Goes well with....

Curry Fries: Traditional. Combination of the Irish's love of frying things, and the delightful ubiquity of Indian Curry places in the UK.

Corned Beef Sandwich: Traditional. And too big to fit in Jenny's mouth all in one piece.

Cheeseburger: Not really traditional. But eaten as a breakfast food, with Guinness? That just might be. So tasty, Jenni's trying to steal a bite too!

Green Headgear: Not quite traditional. But FUN TIMES!

Green River: Traditional in Chicago. They claim it's non-toxic. But I don't understand how anything that color can be?

Irish Punk / Riverdance Power Hour = Beer as a Meal: Traditional.

When green cookies are involved: Priceless.

And that's where my pictures end, folks! A good day was had by all, and the only resolution at the end is that one St. Patrick's Day per year isn't enough. We're already planning for our "halfway to St. Patrick's Day" party / day of frivolity... which will be in September. Stay tuned. :)

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