Friday, November 3, 2006

My Very First Entry.

Hello and welcome to my "Adventures in the Tasty City" blog! Kind of lame name, I know, but it pretty much sums up what this blog is going to be about: food, and my adventures involving people and food, in this the windy (and tasty!) city of Chicago. My deal: I'm 23, living in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, and working in the Loop. I like to cook (although I'm by no means a culinary superstar), and I like eating good food, from the everyday (loaded Chicago-style hot dog) to the fancy (pan-seared parmesan and pepper crusted Tilapia). I also like sharing food with my friends, by trying a new recipe on them or just bringing them along on my delectable pursuits. And as my friends will tell you, I also like wine... very much.

Thus although I have no "real" education or expertise on culinary matters, I've watched enough of Top Chef and The Food Network to be able to have informed opinions about food & restaurants... which is exactly what I aim to do. Here, I'll be sharing my favorite recipes, favorite restaurants, and many other food adventures... all across the lovely windy city. I hope it's an entertaining read!



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Daniel Rucci said...

Dude, I totally nabbed first comment on first post here, so since the pressure is on I'll offer my hearty congratulations on continuing your work on this blog and here's a toast to many more awesome reviews and adventures both culinary and interplanetary. - Danny